Work With Us

The Media Literacy Council (MLC) works in partnership with the 3P sectors to champion and co-develop public resources relating to digital literacy and wellness.

Long-term strategic partnerships help to widen the MLC's reach and impact across different audiences through the support of our partners’ digital literacy and wellness initiatives. Our partners include:

  • Cyberlite Books – collaborating with Cyberlite Books, a publishing house, to outreach to upper primary and lower secondary school students through their activity book on digital literacy and wellness
  • COMEBACK Pte Ltd – collaborating with COMEBACK, a social enterprise, to educate parents on gaming addiction and bridging the gap between gamers (children/teens) and non-gamers (parents)
  • Google – working with Google to bring the Google Online Safety Park exhibition, which teaches students how to stay safe, smart and kind online, to primary schools
  • Institute of Technical Education (ITE) – working with ITE’s Media Smart Club ambassadors to champion good digital citizenship and spearhead projects to influence their peers and the community
  • Project Get Flamed! – working with Project Get Flamed!, a non-profit youth organisation, to combat toxicity in online gaming and promote a positive online gaming culture

If you would like to work with us, please get in touch at