What we do

Our Vision

Discerning Singaporeans who are able to evaluate media content effectively, and to use, create and share content safely and responsibly.

Our Mission

We work in partnership with Industry, Community and Government to promote an astute and responsible participatory culture.

Our main roles include

  • Provide expert advice and thought leadership on issues pertaining to digital literacy, wellness and its emerging areas to the Government and community partners

  • Co-develop digital literacy and wellness resources with community partners

  • Convene partners in the people, private, and/or public (3P) sectors to serve as channels for public education outreach efforts under the ambit of the Digital for Life movement

Through our work, we aim to

  • Encourage users to take greater responsibility in media diet; display greater analysis of and to be educated in media choices; and to be alert to rumour and hate speech; and

  • Encourage users to be more reflective about the ethical choices they make as participants and communicators and the impact they have on others; and

  • Promote the Media Literacy Core Values.