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Towards a Cybersmart Community

by CHIJ (Katong) Primary


CHIJ (Katong) Primary hope to reach out to the larger community within the vicinity of the school to educate them about the perils of Cyber Space and how to keep themselves safe online while at the same time not lose touch with emerging technologies. The school have worked closely with the stakeholders (parents, teachers and partners) to promote positive peer influence among the students and also drive cyber safety messages to them.

A “circle of influence” has been established within the school and the school hopes to extend this influence out to the through outreach projects to residents and schools in the community. Through this project, CHIJ (Katong) Primary hope to cover the digital literacy issues cited above and educate them to be savvy online citizens.

Commemoration of Safer Internet Day 2018

On 6 Feb 2018, CHIJ (Katong) Primary School joins Singapore in the nation-wide commemoration of Safer Internet Day (SID)!

During morning assembly, our Cyber Wellness Ambassadors kick start the day’s activities with a presentation to their peers. They introduced this year’s SID theme: “Create, connect and share respect: A better internet starts with you” and also shared some statistics on Cyber Bullying and some advice on how to stand up against Cyber Bullying. We are also very excited to launch our very own mobile booth and new look for our mascot to further enhance Cyber Wellness’ presence in our school.


Launch of Mobile Booth (3)

To deepen students’ interest in Cyber Wellness issues, the DQ World programme was introduced to the P4 and P5 students by Touch Cyber Wellness. Through this programme, the students will be
learning more about the topic - Digital Footprint Management. For the rest of the students, they will be completing “I am Cyber Smart” cards and the class with the highest number of completed entries per level will receive attractive prizes!

Launch of DQ World (1)

Our ambassadors went through 3 intensive training sessions and came up with their own games from scratch! It is definitely no easy feat for them as they not only designed their own games, but also to facilitate these games and to bring across the learning points to their peers. During recess, the ambassadors were overwhelmed with the positive responses from the students. There were long queues forming at the booths and students were seen having fun learning about more Cyber Wellness messages from the ambassadors.

Recess Activities (4)

As part of CHIJ (Katong) Primary’s commitment to creating a better internet. Our students pledged to do the following:

  • I promise to be a good online citizen and will not do anything that is against the law or may hurt others.
  • I will inform my parents of any online content or messages that make me feel uncomfortable in any way.
  • I promise to protect my personal information and passwords.

Our parent volunteers also joined us in the celebration of SID. 26 of our parents attended a workshop conducted by SG Village. The parents who had attended the workshop all walked away with confidence that they can provide a safer internet experience for their children.

Creation of a better internet does not start and end on SID but continues on in many facets of our lives.