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Digital Arts for All

An exciting initiative kickstarted by Make The Change Pte Ltd (MTC), DAFA embodies the MTC belief that creativity can be the connecting key to educate, empower and strengthen inclusiveness in society today.


Using digital arts as the main avenue of expression, DAFA is crafted to underline experiential learning and empathetic thinking. A welcoming platform for beginners to understand, apply and develop skills in digital art, DAFA strives to foster an active ecosystem through engaging workshops, an accessible online gallery and a purposeful e-commerce platform with the plough-back profit model.

As an advocate of inclusivity, DAFA also believes in instilling a consciousness of media and digital literacy through its programmes. The internalisation process is essential in bringing down isolating barriers across varying communities to live out its values: “Be safe, Be smart, Be kind” as a way of life.

Go to DAFA's website and Facebook Group to find out more!