Tools and resources for managing your own safety online

24 Mar 2023

Online Safety

Have you ever wondered how to create a safer online space for you and/or your child? As we spend more of our time online, we are more likely to be exposed to online harms, which include cyberbullying, cyberstalking and receiving unwelcomed messages and images. These harms may happen on commonly used online spaces such as social media platforms.

Here, you’ll find some recommended tools and resources for managing your own safety online. For parents, there are also safeguards and tools to ensure your child’s safety on online platforms:

  1. Managing Content and Privacy Settings

  2. Content and privacy filters are useful tools to protect children against inappropriate online content. Initiate conversations with your child on inappropriate content they may come across and encourage them to approach you should they face issues.

  3. Reporting Tools and Community Guidelines

  4. There are community guidelines and reporting tools within online and social media platforms to enable users to identify and report inappropriate content such as pornography, violence, gore, or incidences. It would be useful to educate your child to use these reporting tools to keep themselves safe.

  5. Parental controls

  6. There are different types of parental controls that allow parents to set limits and monitor your child’s online activities. These include screentime management, monitoring browsing history or managing communication settings.

  7. Managing your child’s screentime

  8. Screens are ubiquitous in modern life. As we reap the benefits of screentime to make learning and entertainment more convenient and enjoyable, it is important to know the effects of excessive use. Find out more how you can manage your child’s screen time in this resource.

Read on to find out more about each online platform online safety tools and resources:

You may download the full Online Safety Digital Resource Kit here (2.58MB)

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