Protecting Yourself from Spam and Scam - Tipsheets

15 Nov 2021

The Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) has been aligned with the Spam Control Act (SCA) requirements so consumers can enjoy better protection across all modern digital channels. Learn more about how you can take action to increase your defences against spam and scam today.

Learn more about how to keep your personal data safe from unwanted marketing messages at

Everybody has a role to play, so share these tips with your loved ones to help protect them too. Access the handy tip-sheets below or view the animated clips here.


Spam and Scam: Same or Different?

Received Promos? Check First! Rental Opportunities? Think Before You Commit!
Same or Different
Received Promos_ Check first
Rental Opps_ Think before your commit
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 Job Offers? Think Before You Commit! Want Less Mobile Spam? Use the DNC Registry  Data Breach? Take Action to Protect Yourself 
Job Offers_ Think before you commit
Use the DNC Registry
 Data Breach_ Take action to protect yourself
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