Parental Controls for a Safer Internet

19 Sep 2018

Make the online space a safe space for your child, which they can explore and immerse in safely and without you watching over their shoulder. These guides will help you set up the safest settings on your family’s digital devices and choose the right parental control apps for your needs.

What are parental controls?

Parental controls are the features and software that help you control the content that your child sees online. Along with privacy settings, these can help you protect your child from things that you don’t want them to see or do online.

How do I set up parental controls?

You can set up parental controls and settings on your phones and other devices, on search engines, and social media sites. You can also download apps and software that provide additional features and control.

Digital Devices

Popular Sites



PC iPhone

PC Netflix


Google Play

PC iPad

PC Google Play

Android phone


PC Android phone



Social Media



PC Facebook

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PC Snapchat

PC YouTube



PC Twitter

PC WhatsApp

Are there other types of parental controls?

Yes. You can also choose to buy parental control software that allows you to further customise the content that your child is allowed to access. The software also often works across multiple devices, so that you can sync your preferred settings across their devices.

What types of content can I restrict?

Depending on the parental controls, some features that you can control likely include:

Inappropriate content

Location tracking

PCF inappropriate content

 PCF location
Streaming media Social networking
PCF streaming PCF social
 Apps blocking Browser access 
 PCF apps block PCF browser 
Sharing data In-app purchasing
PCF sharing data PCF purchase

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