Quick Tips on Fact-checking

20 Mar 2019

We all know about the phenomenon of fake news, but do we know how to spot it and stop it from spreading? Use these quick tips to learn more about this growing problem and keep yourself and your loved ones safe online. You can download all our tip sheets in English, Malay, Tamil or Chinese.

1. How to Spot Fake News


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 MALAY (624.23KB)  TAMIL (1.48MB)


2. Consequences of Fake News 


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MALAY (620.66KB) TAMIL (1.48MB)


3. Help Your Child Spot Fake News 


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4. Signs of Fake News

Signs of fake news

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MALAY (4.39MB) TAMIL (4.66MB)

5. How Fake News Is Made

ways of making fake news

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6. Questions to Help You Spot Fake News

Questions to spot fake news 

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