About DQ Institute

10 Jan 2022

DQ Institute is an international think-tank that is dedicated to setting global standards for digital intelligence education, outreach, and policies. Working together with international agencies and local partners, DQI builds multi-stakeholder coalitions that advance its mission and help people worldwide. DQI’s educational programs include the #DQEveryChild initiative, which seeks to empower 1 billion children with digital intelligence education. It is registered as a 501(C)(3) not-for-profit charity organization in the US. Its affiliated organizations are DQ Lab Pte Ltd, a global social enterprise based in Singapore and as well as Ahn-Sei Foundation infollutionZERO, a not-for-profit foundation in Korea.

Check out the DQ (Digital Intelligence) Framework – Global Standards for Digital Literacy, Skills and Readiness, for the 24 digital competencies and critical skills required to thrive in the digital age.