2021 Microsoft Digital Civility Index

22 Feb 2022

In an effort to promote safer, healthier, and more respectful online interactions among all people since 2016, Microsoft has been surveying teens and adults around the world about the state of digital civility. In this latest survey which marks the sixth straight year of research, Microsoft asked respondents about their exposure to 21 different online risks across four categories: behavioral, sexual, reputation, and personal/intrusive.

The effects of COVID-19 continued to impact perceptions of digital civility. In total, over 11,000 respondents in 22 countries participated, equally divided between teens and adults, including 502 respondents in Singapore. In Singapore, the digital civility index (DCI)* score stood at 57%, a minor improvement from 2020 (59%). This year’s DCI improvement was led by male respondents, while female DCI worsened by 1% as female respondents reported being more exposed to online risks.

*Note: A lower DCI score indicates better online civility.

Digital civility infographic 2021