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Better Internet Campaign 2020 Video

What should you do if you come across a deal that seems too good to be true?

How do you tell if you are sharing too much personal information online?

In 2019, we saw how Geetha, Alan and Shiv learnt about the power behind a simple click and how unwise choices online can have negative consequences for them and the people around them. This year, Alan and Geetha are back to share about Safe and Smart internet use.

Follow our two-part story to see how cyber criminals can take advantage of unwise online choices, and what we can do to protect ourselves and our friends and family.

Learn more about the characters

Yong Qiang loves chasing after the latest tools and gadgets. But is he overly anxious to get his hands on a flash deal that seems too good to be true? Watch as Yong Qiang learns how to Be Safe while looking for deals online.

Geetha is now more aware of online safety. Having learnt how to identify scams and other digital threats, she teaches Yong Qiang how to Be Safe and to pause and ponder about the risks of online deals.

Adilin enjoys going on staycations and sharing photos and videos about her adventures with her friends. But is she careful with the personal details she’s putting online? Watch as Adilin learns how to Be Smart when protecting her data and privacy online.

Alan now pays more attention to what he posts online. Having learnt how information can be easily misused, he guides Adilin to be more conscious of what she’s sharing publicly!