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About the Better Internet Campaign 2020

The Better Internet Campaign (BIC) is the Media Literacy Council’s (MLC) flagship programme to champion digital and media literacy in Singapore.

 Continuing last year’s theme of #1ClickAway, this year’s campaign will run from April to October and highlight how we can all be positive internet advocates.

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About 1 Click Away

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The Internet is a double-edged sword. Our simplest actions online can be the difference between our being constructive or destructive online users. Let us be aware of the real and lasting consequences of our choices online and take on the responsibility of affecting positive change.

Delving deeper into the theme of ‘1 Click Away’, BIC 2020 will continue to expound on the power behind the simple act of a click. It will encourage internet users to adopt conscious, discerning, and empathetic online actions, and advocate for a better internet. Be Safe, Be Smart and Be Kind!


About Clicky 

About Clicky 

Clicky pops up as we explore the digital world, and he gets us to pause and ponder before we make a choice between positive, thoughtful clicks and reckless, irresponsible clicks that harm ourselves and others. Clicky is modelled after the computer mouse — a symbol of the power we hold as we make choices online. 

You’re #1ClickAway from a better internet!