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Better Internet Campaign Videos


The story follows three individuals, Alan, Geetha and Shiv, as they are faced with the decisions that they make online. Based on this year’s theme of ‘1 Click Away’, the plot builds up towards that 1 ‘publish’, ‘donate’ and ‘comment’ that they clicked on, before questioning if they made the right choice.

The story challenges stereotypes of who can be vulnerable to digital challenges:

  • An attractive, popular influencer being cyber-bullied
  • A model student cyber bullying others
  • An educated professional falling for scams

Watch to see how they choose to Be Safe, Be Smart, and Be Kind online!

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Learn more about the characters


Alan is a popular influencer on social media. But is he using his influence online wisely? Watch as Alan chooses to Click Smartly instead.



Geetha is a working mum and she juggles between her career and family. To add to that hustle and bustle, she also likes to stay on top of the latest happenings and be a contributing netizen — but is she too hasty and trusting to help online? Watch as Geetha chooses to Click Safely instead.



Shiv is a model student in school: popular with friends, and well-liked by teachers. But does his playfulness online get the better of him and his friends? Could a simple, thoughtless comment cause more impact than we make of it? Watch as Shiv chooses to Click Kindly instead.

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