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Do we really know what we are clicking on the internet?

1 Click Away

Our simplest actions online can be the difference between constructive dialogue and vicious mass animosity. Are we aware of the lasting and real consequences of our choices online? How can we take on the responsibility of affecting positive change?

Themed ‘1 Click Away’, this year’s Campaign will explore the power behind the simple act of a click. It encourages us to embrace conscious, discerning, and empathetic online actions, to create a safer, smarter, and kinder internet for all.

Look out for Clicky, our better internet advocate, who gets us to think twice about what we do online!

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Playing Our Part For A Better Internet

Check out these e-resources and initiatives to learn to keep yourself and your family safe online, and become an advocate for a positive digital environment!

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News and Media Literacy Toolkit

Educators can use this toolkit, designed with the Common Sense Education, to help our youth become responsible internet users.

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Youth-Led Community Projects

Participate in these exciting ground-up community initiatives selected and supported under last year’s Better Internet x Youth Call-for-Proposals.