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Ms Janice Richardson

Janice Richardson

International advisor, project innovator, author and public speaker in areas related to education, digital citizenship and 21st century literacy, Janice Richardson is creator of Safer Internet Day (celebrated worldwide since 2004). Starting out as a teacher in Australia, then researcher and university lecturer in France in the 80s and 90s, she worked for the Luxembourg government on the eLuxembourg Task Force for several years before moving on to coordinate the European Commission’s Insafe (Safer Internet) network for a decade, until 2014. From 2014 to 2016, she set up and coordinated the ENABLE network to tackle bullying through social-emotional competence development. Since 2003, Janice has conducted her activities under the umbrella of Insight, a not-for-profit she created to bring together experts and researchers to educate and empower children online, and promote and protect their rights.

Today Janice is advisor to several European organisations and universities (Belgium, Italy, Cyprus, UK, etc.), sits on Facebook’s Safety Advisory Board and Twitter’s Trust and Security Council, is expert to the global WeProtect initiative and to the Council of Europe, and maintains close links to projects in Middle-East and Africa. Over the past year, she has worked intensively on digital literacy in early childhood (Digilitey, Power of Zero), advised on ethics related to robotics and machine learning, set up a European Youth Council for Digital Good, and recently published a compilation of young people’s reflections on the new European data protection regulation entitled GDPR – young Europeans have their say. Other recent publications include the Internet Literacy Handbook (4th revised version, 2017), Bullying – perspectives, practices, insights (2017), and the Digital Citizenship handbook (2018) - all three are Council of Europe publications.