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Better Internet Conference 2019

The Better Internet Campaign is the Media Literacy Council's (MLC) flagship event to champion media literacy in Singapore and bring it into the national consciousness. This year, the MLC is launching the campaign with the inaugural Better Internet Conference on 11 March 2019 at the Singapore Institute of Technology, featuring local and international speakers to share their expert views on pressing issues of the digital age. With the theme #1ClickAway, the campaign will run in two phases - from March to May and later from September to Novemeber - and reach out to all segments of the public, centered around the message of "Be Safe, Be Smart, and Be Kind".  

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Featured Speakers

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Ms. Janice Richardson

Founder of Insight

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Dr. Kelly Mendoza

Senior Director, Education at Common Sense Education

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Dr. Justin Patchin

Co-director of the Cyberbullying Research Center & Professor of Criminal Justice, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

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Prof. Lim Sun Sun

Head of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences at Singapore University of Technology and Design & Nominated Member of Parliament

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Be Safe
Be Smart
Be Kind

The Internet is a double-edged sword. Our simplest actions online can be the difference between vicious mass animosity and constructive dialogue. With a high-level of digital connectedness cutting across all demographics, we need to encourage a new netiquette. We must be aware of the lasting and real consequences of our choices online, and take on the responsibility of affecting positive change. The theme ‘1 Click Away’ expounds on the power behind the simple action of a click. This is to encourage netizens to embrace conscious, discerning, and empathetic online actions, in order to create a safer, smarter, and kinder internet for all.

About Clicky

Clicky is that small voice of reason that pops up when we explore the digital world. He gets us to pause, ponder, and differentiate between positive, thoughtful clicks and self-centered, irresponsible clicks. Clicky is modelled after the computer mouse – a symbol of the power we hold as we make choices online. Remember, a better internet is only 1 Click Away!


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