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Lock Wai Han

A Message From the Chairman of the Media Literacy Council

Chairman MLC

The internet is just like the real world. It is our collective responsibility to make the world, internet or otherwise, better.

We can all play our part to make the internet a more conducive and constructive environment for us to share ideas, as well as to express ourselves. The industry has a duty to put in reasonable safeguards to protect the young and vulnerable. The government has laws to protect our society. Schools and families can inculcate the right values, mindsets and critical thinking skills in our young.

Most of all, the individual must want to make informed and ethical choices.

This year’s Better Internet Campaign gets real. Using current issues such as cyber bullying, fake news and excessive screen time to generate conversation, we at the Media Literacy Council hope to promote positive online behaviour and encourage online users to be discerning about the information they consume online.

I hope you will take some time to watch the videos, read about the real-life stories of change, and be inspired to do what’s right online for a better internet.