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Ena Su

Ending Her Cyber Bullying Ways

Ena Su

A cyber bully in her youth, Ena Su stopped her attacks when she saw first-hand the hurt she was causing.

Being mean to a clingy girl

When Ena Su was younger, she and her friends found a girl who hung out with them too clingy. To shake her off, they repeatedly hinted to her that they didn't want her around. Despite their attempts, the girl continued to be around them.

That was when Ena's group decided on a malicious strategy to shake the girl off for good – to blog and tweet mean things about her online.

Surprised by the hurt she caused

The girl was shocked and stopped associating herself with Ena's group. However, the emotional toll was too much for the girl to bear, and she confided in a friend. She was persuaded to bring the issue to a teacher.

“Our teacher gathered the four of us – my friend and I, the girl I bullied and her confidante to talk things out. She was tearful and although I didn't show it, I was shocked to know how sad she was about this incident,” recalled Ena. After that fateful day, the cyber bullying stopped.

Advice for cyber bullies

When Ena was cyber bullying the girl, it seemed like it was not such a bad thing because she wasn't saying mean things to the person face-to-face. “Unfortunately, it hurts people even more because hiding behind the computer screen brings out the worst in us.”

She added, “Cyber bullying is cowardly. Work things out instead. If you are bullying someone, stop! You are hurting people and it is not the right thing to do. If you are being bullied, speak up. Don't ever be afraid to approach your teachers or parents to tell them about the situation. I'm rooting for you!”