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Professor Tan Cheng Han

Chairman of the Media Literacy Council for the 1st and 2nd Term

Professor Tan Cheng Han

Q: How can we play our part for a better internet?

The internet is a public space where online communities congregate and ideas proliferate. And just as we are able to shape physical spaces, we have a choice over what we want the virtual space to be. This year, to celebrate Safer Internet Day, the Media Literacy Council hopes to encourage everyone to play their part for a better internet.

As an industry player, you can play your part by putting safeguards in place to protect the young and vulnerable. As a parent or a grandparent, you can inculcate positive values and impart critical thinking skills to your children so that they grow up to be smart digital citizens. As a student, you can encourage your peers to use the internet for good, be it starting a social cause online or creating an encouraging video.

Anyone can choose to make the internet a better place – a space where constructive conversations flourish. We hope that you will join in the celebration of Safer Internet Day and take the Emoji Face Challenge, so that we as a community can make the online space a positive and enriching one.