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Arthur Choo

Entrepreneur and Founder of BEAT^ABOX GROUP

Arthur Choo

A music entrepreneur and founder of BEAT’ABOX GROUP. He shares his story of entrepreneurship with youth and encourage them to pursue their dreams.

Q: Were there incidents in the past that have affected you in the online space? How did you feel?

There were instances on social media where people will leave nasty comments. For example, receiving comments like "Con old people money...", "waste time..." when we post a picture of our volunteer teacher teaching a group of seniors. In the past, i use to read such comments over and over again as self-reflection. However I found them to be distracting. I have learnt to read such comments and do a quick self-reflection, cross-check against my conscience, and remove irrelevant comments if needed.

Q: What are some of the positive experiences you’ve had online?

I appreciate the times when I receive words of affirmation and encouragement online, especially through private or direct messages from people, some of whom I have not connected in ages, or people from different nationalities.

Q: Why is it important to have a better internet in Singapore? What are your biggest concerns on the future of the online space?

The internet is a power tool; we can search for information easily. However, with the ease of access, there is also a risk that the information that we get may be from unreliable sources. I am concerned about issues of security, as there are increasing calls for freedom. Many tend to take an individualistic attitude to putting up views and preferences, thinking that their views must be correct and are not open to other perspectives.

Q: What makes you smile in the online space? How would you encourage your followers and friends to create a better internet together?

I believe that every individual will have their "down" times in different seasons of their lives. I am pretty sure that I will not cause any harm by giving my online neighbours an "emotional boost". Saying something positive online can be a great encouragement to someone.