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Highlights of the Better Internet Campaign 2016

For The Better Internet Campaign 2016, a set of emojis were created to represent the core values of Responsibility, Empathy, Integrity and Respect on the internet and two challenges were organized.

The “Emoji Selfie Challenge” and “Video Challenge” saw members of the public submitting their selfie/video to show support for the values needed to create a better internet!

The campaign also featured personal stories on how to create a better internet by supporters of the Better Internet Campaign 2016 such as Arthur Choo, Entrepreneur and Founder of BEAT^ABOX Group and Fiza O, Radio presenter and TV host.

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Supporters of Safer Internet Day 2016

What should social norms look like online? Why post positive stuff? How can we agree to disagree? How to deal with nasty comments? What should parents watch out for in the digital playground? We get some views.

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Arthur Choo

Entrepreneur & Founder of BEAT^ABOX GROUP

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Fiza O

Radio Presenter and TV Host

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Professor Tan Cheng Han

Chairman of the Media Literacy Council for the 1st and 2nd Term



There were more than 100 supporters for the Emoji Selfie Challenge for The Better Internet Campaign 2016; here are 4 of them!